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Established in 2051 B.S. with the main objective of imparting quality education to our children, who are the nation builders of tomorrow, the then Motherland English School has turned into Motherland Higher Secondary School (MHSS) now. The school has been able to demonstrate a remarkable success in academic field which has made this school a first choice of a large number of students and an institution of their hope of the majority of parents. The faith of parents and preference of students have encouraged this school to start classes of XI and XII in Science stream after few years of commencement of +2 program in Management. Four batches of students have successfully completed their higher secondary level studies in Management from this school with 100 % pass-out rate and the fifth batch from Management and first from Science stream are awaiting for the result so far. Students from this school have been able to put their names in the list of district toppers in the exam conducted by HSEB.

The +2 program in Management stream at MHSS has been quite popular not only because of having Information and Communication Technology (ICT) but also because of having an appropriate and conducive environment for students for their studies, caring faculties and adequate facilities. MHSS is highly committed and strongly dedicated to run its program in Science stream in such a manner that it can establish itself as one of the most-chosen institutes in Pokhara among students of higher education in science and technology.

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Director , MHSS

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Chairman , MHSS

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Principal , MHSS

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Established in 2051 B.S. with the main objective of imparting quality education to our children...
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